Brain-Damaged Boy Receives £7.3m in Medical Negligence Compensation

Brain-Damaged Boy Receives £7.3m in Medical Negligence Compensation

A 13 year-old boy who suffered brain damage following heart surgery as a child has received £7.3million in compensation, after his family were told they had ‘no chance of securing compensation’.

As reported by the BBC, Robbie Crane was awarded the compensation in the form of an out-of-court settlement after a claiming medical negligence against Harefield Hospital in Middlesex. The health trust responsible for Harefield Hospital, The Royal Brompton and Harefield Trust, denied all liability.

Robbie’s family said the statement would allow the family “to plan for the future” and demonstrated the importance of pursuing a medical negligence claim even if the health trust involved denies responsibility.

Robbie suffers from cerebral palsy, learning difficulties and speech and behavioural difficulties. His family allege the conditions arose as a result of poor aftercare following surgery to correct a heart defect when Robbie was just a few days old.

Speaking to the BBC about the case, Robbie’s family said: “This brings to an end a long and challenging legal process but the daily care that Robbie requires will continue for the rest of his life.

“We were repeatedly told that there was no chance of securing compensation but our legal team urged us on and so it is a great relief to finally have it decided.”

Although the health trust involved in the case continue to deny liability, the QC representing the trust apologised for the family and hoped that Robbie’s financial security helped to ease some of the family’s worries.

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