Recent Medical Negligence Cases

The following summaries are just some of the cases we have fought and won in the past few months:

Medical Negligence Case – Incorrect administering of powerful antibiotic Gentamicin

Mr. W’s previous medical history includes aortic dissection (which was suffered by an ex-manager of Liverpool called Gerard Houlier) He required emergency treatment for this and a prosthesis was inserted. This made him vulnerable to cardiac infection.

In early 2005 he was admitted to hospital at Rotherham with an infection around his heart. This should have been treated surgically but was in fact treated medically. A powerful antibiotic known as Gentamicin was administered for significantly longer than it should have been. It is know that Gentamicin causes ototoxicity affecting the inner ears balance function.  As the result Mr. W. has sustained vestibular damage which has left him with disequilibrium, nausea, tinnitus, and vertigo. As a consequence he was unable to continue working as an Employment Adviser and has required a good deal of care from his wife.

It was necessary to begin the case in Court.  Two offers to settle were rejected and a joint settlement meeting was arranged which led to settlement for the sum of £575,000. This included compensation under the following heads of damage:-

  • For pain suffering and lost amenity
  • The cost of care on a past and future basis.
  • For adaptations to Mr. W’s home in Sheffield.
  • For provision of more suitable accommodation (Mr. W. plans to move to Kent)
  • For lost earnings including lost promotion prospects.

Apart from being significantly physically affected by disequilibrium Mr. W. also became depressed and this was also taken into account.

Mr W. is now 58 and is delighted that this settlement will give him and his wife both the money to provide appropriate care and facilities and also some security for the future.

Medical Negligence Case – Poor Treatment by an Ambulance Crew

The claimant was Anne Martin a well-liked 82 year old Oldham lady, managing independently.

Anne experienced pain in her hip and was admitted to the Royal Oldham Hospital where her symptoms were professionally and properly investigated. The hospital found no problem but due to her age it was agreed that the best course would be for her not to return home straight away but instead remain in hospital for a period of rehabilitation. Anne received the proper care before being discharged.

Unfortunately, Anne was collected from the Royal Oldham Hospital by an inexperienced ambulance crew, fell during transportation and broke her hip. This resulted in her having an extended stay in hospital. The wound she had sustained in the accident did not heal fully and became infected.  For the next 3 years Anne suffered with her injury and as a result became house bound and lost her independent way of life.

The case shows that despite good medical treatment overall, a failure at another stage for which the health service is responsible can lead to devastating consequences.

Medical Negligence Case – Cerebral Palsy

This is the case of our client, a 19 year old from Manchester who suffered a serious injury at birth. Due to a failure of obstetrics and neo-natal care her brain was starved of oxygen resulting in cerebral palsy.

To compound the issue her parents were misled by the doctors about the cause of her injury. Eventually they came to see PH about a possible case of negligence by the hospital; by this time she was 13 years old. After we had conducted a very in depth investigation into the detailed circumstances of the case, following in arduous and hard fought litigation, the hospital agreed to pay 75% of full compensation.

The Defendant admitted liability and the case settled for £5 million.

Medical Negligence Case – Undiagnosed Post Natal Bleeding

This is the case of a woman who experienced post natal bleeding which was not diagnosed by the hospital. As a consequence the client suffered distress and pain. She was subsequently admitted to hospital as an emergency.

The hospital in the North of England admitted liability and agreed to pay £80,000 damages.

Medical Negligence Case – Negligent Hernia Repair

This is the story of an Oldham man who had surgery to repair a hernia using dissolvable supporting surgical mesh. The use of dissolvable mesh, which is not permanent, resulted in early failure of the operation and persistant pain to the client requiring more surgery.

The hospital admitted liability and agreed to pay £45,000 damages.

Medical Negligence Case – Delay in Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

In this case a 28 year old woman died as a result of the failure to diagnose and treat cervical cancer. Her GP failed to refer her to hospital after she had experienced abnormal vaginal bleeding. The failure to refer resulted in the missed opportunity to treat and cure cervical cancer.

Damages were recovered on behalf of her husband and son in the sum of £130,000.

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